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DIY Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extension can be applied at home to cut the cost of wearing extensions.  

1. Wash your hair (applying hair extensions on greasy hair is not recommended)

2. Dry your hair completely

3. Make a part about an inch above the nape of the neck.  

4. Take a thin section of hair and apply the tape in to the bottom of the hair.  

5.  Take another tape in and apply it directly on top of the tape in on the bottom of the hair.

6.  Repeat this process until you get to the portion of your hair that is going to cover the tape ins.

There is a video below that gives full details on how to install Tape Ins.

Trendz Beauty Supply has a variety of Tape Ins in various colors.  You can order online or come into the store.

16th Jan 2023

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